To reach our overall fundraising goal of $150,000, each Trekker will be raising $5,000 for their chosen Dream Mountains’ Charity. It's a big challenge, but not too big for the kind of person who has set their sights on trekking the world famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, the mysterious “Lost City of Peru!.

Sponsor your climber and help them attain their personal objective by making a donation on their behalf to their chosen charity.

Team Leader: Shawn Dawson

Shawn is the founder of the Dream Mountains Foundation and has become the 8th person in history to summit the highest mountain on every continent including Mount Everest in under 2 years. Shawn also led the 2011 Kilimanjaro & 2012 Everest Base Camp Dream Teams to a 100% Summit success on the mountains and together the teams have raised over $170,000 for the 7 charities.

Amount Raised
Fundraising Goal

Our 2013 Dream Team Climbers:

Team Machu

Anne Kirby
Campbell Toohey
Dayna MacDonald
Donald Lanouette
Emilie Lang
Greg Janes
Harry Binks
Janice Leclair
Melissa Bourgeois
Michelle Anne Olsen
Scott Kirby
Scott Sleightholm
Susan Sabiston
Trish Nesrallah

Team Picchu

Diana Murphy
Kevin Preston
Shawn Dawson
Bob Connolly
Cherie Cole
Don Penney
Fram Engineer
Jason Colley
Kristi Johnston
Lou Haddad
Mike Ziola
Nicole Banville
Randy McCaugherty
Robert Butler
YK Wang