Fitness For Your Trek

Everest Trek Fit - Train to Succeed.

When to begin training

It is never too early to begin training for your Machu Picchu Dream Team Trek, and it’s very helpful to know the specific things you should be concentrating on to increase the chances you’ll make it to the summit.

Being physically prepared for this challenge greatly increases your chances of an enjoyable trek. The tests of physical endurance and mental stamina will determine, to great extend, whether you will be successful.

Being physically prepared for the trek will also greatly contribute to the most valuable benefit of your preparation—your mental confidence and inner strength!

What you are training for?
Machu Picchu Trek is not like rock climbing. It is basically an extended trek rather than a true mountaineering experience.

You will be hauling a daypack with your rain gear and water and personal effects such as your camera and snacks, but our Dream Team Porters’ do most of the heavy lifting.In other words, you don’t need to train to carry a heavy pack.

Training for altitude sickness

It obviously would not hurt to train at altitude, and assuming that it goes well it can definitely help. But unfortunately there is no way to turn yourself into a porter by repeatedly hiking long distances in your local mountains. Altitude sickness affects people randomly, and a person might not suffer from it on one trek to another.