Audio Blog (no audio blog for day 8)

We spent the afternoon of Day 8 preparing for the night climb ahead. Most of the climbers rested, packed their daypacks, and concentrated on hydrating while admiring the beautiful views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, which stretched up behind our camp. We were fortunate enough to have sunny, yet crisp weather, which kept our spirits high!

Later into the evening the temperature dropped and snow flurries started to fly. This created a unique weather experience for the Team as we all got off to a late night start. The first of the climbers left Barranco Camp at 10:30pm, with the final group leaving at 1am. As we climbed, clusters of headlamps could be seen in the distance, both in front of us and behind us as we all trudged through the rocky and snowy terrain.

Close to 6am our efforts during the night were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise peeking through the clouds. As the day warmed, we continued up to Stella Point, and then onto the Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro at 8:20am!

Beautiful scenery awaited us at the summit. Massive glaciers dominated one side of the peak, while a snowy valley bordered the other.

This afternoon we descended to Millennium Camp, where we are spending our final night on Mt. Kilimanjaro before heading back into Moshi tomorrow for a well deserved rest and shower!

Everyone is happy, healthy and looking forward to sharing their individual experience with family and friends upon their return home.

Special thanks to Garry for all the great photos!

Thanks for following our adventure and supporting our climb. We could not have done this without you!

Dream Team Kilimanjaro