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We are on day five of the expedition.

We woke at 6:30am to sweet, warm sunshine. Everyone was quick to get out of their tents to soak up the heat and get their clothes dried out. After eating a hearty breakfast we headed out to climb the stunning Barranco Wall that loomed over our camp.

Aside from the summit, today's climb was the most challenging of the trek. The elevation of the wall is around 900 feet and most of it is a steep incline that involved a lot of shimmying and clinging to the rock face. When we reached the top of the wall we were rewarded with and amazing view and the feeling of exhilaration that only comes from pushing one's physical and mental limits!

Our excitement was cut short as the weather quickly changed from glorious sun to miserable rain. Rain gear was applied and we continued our trek across a stunning plateau and then down into the Karanga valley. This involved a treacherous and thrilling decent, made even more difficult by the rain running down the trail. There was a lot of teamwork displayed at this point as everyone pulled together to ensure the entire team made it safely down.

Once we reached the bottom of the Karanga Valley, we had to ascend to the other side to reach our camp for the night. The idea of a hot lunch at the top made it much easier to put one foot in front of the other. While the trek that day was only four hours, it felt a lot longer! We arrived at Karanga Camp (4100m) around 2pm.

The rest of the afternoon was spent resting, reading and playing cards. Everyone made it into the mess tent for dinner, a very good sign because it means everyone is healthy and feeling good. 3 days to go, the summit is in our sights!

Below are some personal messages from team members to their family and friends.

Susan B.

Hello everyone.

We are now at 4100 metres. The climb has been hard but not too hard for me. We just climbed the Barranco Wall and it was real rock climbing. I am in good shape but you can tell by our breathing that there is less oxygen. Looking forward to the summit. Love Susan

Riley, Parker, & Sam,

Hello from Kilimanjaro. Only two sleeps until Grandma reaches the top of the mountain. Lots of love, Grandma.

Cherie C.

Greetings to my family and friends from 4100 metres above sea level. My adventure so far has been the most phenomenal experience of my life! We trekked through tropical forest, rocky terrain and have seen the most spectacular scenery anyone can ever imagine. We are at Karanga camp for the next two nights. It's amazing to see how close we are getting to the summit each day. This is the first of many new adventures in my life. Shawn is an amazing leader and is taking great care of all of us.

Love Cherie

Bob V.B.

Hey Jared, Devin, Denae, Dad, Lorna, Sherri, Logan and Jayce.

Having a great time and seeing some incredible scenery. I'm feeling good and hoping that keeps up. MIssing you guys lots and trying to make you proud. Couple more days and we will be on top of Africa. Love you all and talk to you soon. Lots of love, Dad (Bob)

Don P.

The last few days have been AWESOME!!! Unfortunately, my Blackberry has no data connection on this damn mountain, so I haven't been able to share just how awesome it is. Rest assured, I will be uploading pics in just a few more days!! Don Penney

Doug D.

All going good. When they told us this was their rainy season, it was an understatement. The vistas are spectacular. The team is fantastic. Love to my girls, Sofia, Natasha, Katya and Tanya.

Ray W.

Janet, Rachel and Sarah, you three women inspire me and continue to amaze me with your respective strengths. All is well on the mountain. I miss you and will see you soon!! Kili, Kili. Ray

Tim R.

Hi family and friends.

Missing my family very much. Today was a difficult day for me personally. Some great views and climbs today, a physically demanding day. I'm OK, missing you all dear friends and family. Keep praying for me, I need your encouragement. Love Dad.

Kristi J.

Colleen and Bruce, I'm having the time of my life!

Kelly H.

Hello Jorja!
I'm having a great time and I miss you very much. I hope you're being good for Grandma and Poppa and are enjoying your little surprises that I left. I promise to bring you home the most beautiful rock that I find.

I love you to the moon and back. Mommy

Hi Mom and Dad,
I've been thinking about you and hope Dad's app. went well. Mom, please google Barrance Wall and Lava Tower to show Dad on the computer and tell him I love him. This experience is amazing and we're all safe and well.

Love you. Kelly.

Jann S.

Hi Charles, Lauren and Kylie (and Dan if you haven't left for golf yet.)

You can't imagine what I've done and seen so far. Some of the landscape looks like we are on the moon, others as if dinosaurs are about to run by. Today I was part mountain goat and was scaling scary rock walls - and loved it!

Miss you all, love Mom.

Heather D.

Hudson and Tilly you are my rock stars. I miss you. Tilly I am working on getting your cloud. Mike, you are my rock. Mom, I love you and I promise I am being careful. There are a lot of people on this team that are making sure everyone is safe! I am feeling great. It really has been the experience of a lifetime. The sights I am seeing and the things I am doing, it is totally amazing. Three more days until we head out for the summit. Exciting!

Love Heather


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