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After a cold, rainy night the team awoke to bright, glorious sunshine which raised everyone's spirits. Clothes were dried as we ate a hot breakfast and prepared mentally for the arduous day ahead. We slogged over 1000 vertical meters on an extremely challenging climb. The sun shone down on us for the majority of the day with no rain to be had! We settled into the Shira Plateau camp (3800m) completely exhausted. After a warm meal and some good conversation, the evening drew to a close with a spectacular sunset followed by a majestic thunder and lighting show off in the distance. A spectacular day from sunrise to sunset!

The altitude is beginning to take its toll on the team, but nothing a good night's sleep and a full rest day tomorrow can't cure!

Special thanks to Heather and Garry for all the great photos!

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All The Best from Kilimanjaro!


Dream Team Kilimanjaro